A shoes story

From the start, I have been fascinated by these deserted spaces forming what we call the offshore bar. Alluvial deposits sectors such as the Camargue; those where the sea continuously disrupts the coast line, such as the Finistère, Del Gato cape, Tarente gulf in the south of Italy or the Black Sea shore. I have worked as a photographer and reporter in places where the impressions of cataclysm, of original nature are clear. It is a classical reaction : in the course of work, you wonder. At the fragility of those spaces, their ability to resist the outcome of human activities, their future...And to measure the impact of man on these natural spaces, what is better than collecting his shoes? Two-footedness is man\'s distinctive behavioural feature, isn\'t it? The shoes he wears are then the logical extention, his \"marker\". I have given up the promotion of floated wood because I\'m doubtful. The one we find may as well come from trees uprooted by floods as from some building or human industry waste. From an ecological point of view, its meaning is different as it is easily biodegradable. Most certainly, I could as well have worked solely from plastic or glass waste. This will probably come later.

The artistic gesture

Half way between Arte Povera and Primitive Art, this approach takes from one the attitude and process (making meaningful some objects that have become insignificant) and the spontaneity of the observer from the other. The press photographer takes a new look filled with wonder which goes on in a creative gesture. He\'s aiming at questioning, at making you think and offering some new clues of reading. These paintings-sculptures are a personal and subjective way of presenting the facts; with the wish to answer many questions. What is man\'s mark in these wild spaces? What are its impacts? What is its temporality? After being selected, the object must be presented. Choice has been automatically settled on floated wood, a close and ideal marerial, allowing the human imprint to be fixed firmly in his new environment.